Luscious Lemon Bars / Crumble Tarts, rather

Have been having a recent interest in lemons and related products so there isn’t any reason to not try this lovely recipe! Have always checked out Baked Perfection since upper secondary school and I really really love the S’mores cookies recipe from there.

Made this for the Ambassadors dinner party at Cheryl Loh’s place and made even more of these for my friends (or rather, my loving and forgiving guinea pigs who are always so willing to help try out the things I’ve made :D). So here’s the recipe for lemon bars, or perhaps crumble tarts, depending on what mould you use for your baking! I used tart tins so, perhaps they count as crumble tarts and such, just that the base holds together much more firmly as compared to a conventional crumble.

Luscious Lemon Bars
recipe modified from that of Baked Perfection

Makes enough for 1 medium tart tin (17cm across) + 3 x small tart tins (10cm across)

200g flour
70g powdered sugar
~200g butter (Divide one bar of butter ~227g into 9 parts, use 8)

4 eggs
200g caster sugar
~100ml of lemon juice
~30g of plain flour
Lemon zest (amount as desired)

Preheat oven 180degreesC for about 5 minutes before putting the crumble base to bake.

1. Combine dry ingredients of PART 1 first and mix thoroughly
2. Cut the butter into smaller bars and cubes and knead into flour with hands
3. Mix the dry mixture with the butter thoroughly and take care to scrape those at the bottoms and sides
4. The crumble base will be just right when it does not stick to the hands when patting it
5.Grease the tart tins (or other baking apparatus) with some butter (not inclusive in the 200g; a small knob is sufficient)
6. Put a large spoonful in each tin and press down with the palm and spread the mixture evenly – the amount of crumble mixture should be just nice to fill up all the tins
7. Set aside and turn on the oven at 180degreesC

8. Combine the plain flour and baking powder first
9. Squeeze fresh lemon juice, remembering to massage the lemon first so that the juices will come out
10. Combine the fresh lemon juice and sugar together first, trying to dissolve as much sugar as possible first
11. Add in the flour, baking powder to the lemon juice and sugar mixture
12. Crack the 4 eggs and mix everything together throughly – remove floating egg white bits as desired, but not necessary

13. Remove crumble base from the oven ~15-20mins later when crumble base in the oven should look lightly browned and should not stick to the toothpick which has been poked into the crumble base
14. Stir lemon juice mixture thoroughly before ladling onto the crumble base
15. Put back in oven and bake for another ~10-20mins
16. The lemon topping should be ready when the surface is more or less dry and even

17. Remove from oven to cool, dust with powdered sugar (not included in above measurement) if desired

It should turn out something like this –


I know this is a really shoddy end to a lovely post but, the picture was a really haphazard one – took a quick shot before my friends gobbled the rest of it while we were out at a friend’s place. But it’s a lovely treat nonetheless! If you don’t mind the colour looking darker and want a more fragrant sweetness, you can always swap out white sugar for brown sugar instead. The colour will be a lot darker, but it may actually be tastier! Personally I found the one made with brown sugar more fragrant (:


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