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Peach and Strawberry Tarts

Over the last week I pondered for quite a while what would be a lovely gift for H on his 23rd birthday last Saturday. While the initial idea was to make lovely cream puffs (since it was the first recipe that H gave to me), I figured that it would be more worthwhile to make […]

Fruit Curd 1 – Lemon

Time passes really quickly and it’s almost a month since H and I got together (: have been thinking about what would be a great one month’s present for him and thought that making him two types of fruit curd would be a brilliant idea. Wanted to have lovely jars for the curds but didn’t […]

Luscious Lemon Bars / Crumble Tarts, rather

Have been having a recent interest in lemons and related products so there isn’t any reason to┬ánot try this lovely recipe! Have always checked out Baked Perfection since upper secondary school and I really really love the S’mores cookies recipe from there. Made this for the Ambassadors dinner party at Cheryl Loh’s place and made […]